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Meet SCT — Your treasure trove of fire resistance solutions

With fire safety regulations calling for unconditional compliance, building a good fire protection culture is a matter of priority. Strategic Chemical Technologies (SCT) steps up to help you adopt it in industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. We are a Sweden-based bulk chemical supplier of fire protection products that are specifically formulated to turn your place into a safer one.

Coupled with staff training and other fire prevention practices, SCT products contribute to the regulatory compliance you’re trying to achieve. Our environmentally-friendly mindset brings a “greener” fire safety strategy to your facility with a range of eco-friendly fire extinguishers, paints, and other solutions. That means they contain organic materials and release no toxic substances when used in a fire situation.

Fire protection supplies for everything you need

SCT is a name you can trust for fire-retardant paint, sprays, powder, wood varnish, ultra-convenient extinguishing devices, and more. Our product selection has it all for an additional thermal protection layer for:

  • Furniture treatment. Enhance the fireproofing materials in your furniture with our fire retardants, whether it’s used residentially or commercially.
  • Non-flammability of parts. SCT supplies chemical products to manufacturing, transportation, and military industries to improve the fire resistance of parts for end products and the safety of end users.
  • Building materials. Our anti-fire products can be paired with various materials without compromising their durability or aesthetic features. Wood, steel, and concrete are only some of the surfaces you can apply them to.
  • Workplace safety. Shield your premises from fire dangers by installing disposable eco-friendly fire extinguishers in your workplace. They don’t even require hours of training to learn to operate them.

Given this versatility, you can find SCT fire-resistant products in a myriad of places, from factory sites and engine rooms to entertainment venues and schools. They are best used to prevent fires and put them out when they break out due to ordinary combustibles, liquids, gases, or electrical equipment failures.

Test it out before going bulk

All SCT fire resistance solutions, paints, and other products are ready to ship as samples. We’d be happy to provide you with one for your applications so that you know it’s the right fit. Paint samples are available in all colors, allowing you to apply them to your end products out of the box.

Requesting a sample is a smart, no-commitment move before placing a bulk order. You can then get ample fire protection supplies with no risk of mismatched paint colors or wrong chemical agents for compliance.

Pricing that makes fire protection affordable

As a bulk chemical supplier, SCT takes high retail prices for fire-resistant products out of the equation. You can expect wholesale offers for everything we have in our catalog, along with discounts for larger orders. From now on, embracing high fire safety standards doesn’t involve paying a fortune!

Request a wholesale quote for any SCT product you’re interested in. Need more information on what goes into it? We are here 24/7 for assistance.