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SCT 0006

Water Tape

SCT 0006

Water tape, has been created with a special formula. It can be applied even underwater whether hot or cold, wet or dry. It creates a highly strong, flexible and water-repellent barrier by sealing water, air, and moisture. Water tape is UV-resistant, environmentally friendly, VOC-free and has a wide temperature range that can be used in extreme weather conditions. It can close almost everything like large holes, cracks, gaps, and leaks.

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Water resistant tape, used in all water environment, on water pipes, boats, roof, windows, door, bathroom, oil pipes, engines We want to contribute experience and knowlege from a sustainability perspective, which gives otur customers the chance to see new opportunities and risks linkek to your external monitoring in innovation. You can achieve a more sustainable development for your company and identify more binding requirement. That is why we offer a new generation of sustainable solutions.