PRODUCT / Anti-Fire Powder

SCT 0001

Anti- Fire Powder

SCT 0001

It is the latest technology all over the world in fire-fighting. Its general function is that the surface (surface-area) it is applied is capsulated in the molecular environment and protected against the possible miscellaneous external factors. As the product provides the applied surface with full capsulation and protection and it can be directed according to objectives, the effect and interest areas of the product spread into a wide range. The product does not give harm to human and nature balance in any environment it is used due to its structure (because of the organic nature of the substances used in its Formula). In reference of its other features, it is superior to all other fire extinguisher and anti-fire systems; the system is in high-concentrated structure. In closed areas, it has 10 year shelf life.It does not give harm to the container it is in. It doesn’t lead to corrosion and it has protection against corrosion and it can be stored in any environment. When it comes to storage, if it will be used by long-term stocking, it is suggested to be stored in 20°C environment. It does not create any danger on materials and mechanical devices in the fire areas where sensitive value machines and devices take place due to its corrosion protective feature. In such environments, its structure is not degraded. Its transport and application is so easy. Moreover, as the product is produced with use of completely natural substances, it does not give any harm to human and nature balance in terms of toxicological ways during and after application and this situation increases the applicability of the product. The system, which is a 21st century technology, we will present below demonstrated its indisputable superiority in various tests and applications and surpassed all known systems within this field.

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Mixes into raw materials for glass fiber / playwood / composite / mdf / osb  industry. We want to contribute experience and knowlege from a sustainability perspective, which gives otur customers the chance to see new opportunities and risks linkek to your external monitoring in innovation. You can achieve a more sustainable development for your company and identify more binding requirement. That is why we offer a new generation of sustainable solutions.