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Canon Shooter-Fire Extinguishing


Highly versatile Anti-Molotov disposable fire extinguisher to boost your fire safety
It’s common knowledge that preventing a fire is easier and much safer than putting it out. When it’s out of control, it can destroy everything that comes its way at lightning speed. That is why you should take care of yourself and those around you and buy a fire extinguisher that can easily put out the fire of different classes. The Anti-Molotov Fire Extinguishing product from SCT will nail this task without jeopardizing your life.

This water-based, non-toxic fire extinguisher comes in a special-purpose plastic package that cracks once in fire, releasing a liquid fire-fighting agent with plenty of carbon dioxide. The heat sets off a chemical reaction that cuts the fire contact with oxygen and provides a cooling effect. It lowers the temperature of whatever is burning and prevents the re-inflaming of stuff nearby so that you’re safe and sound.

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