PRODUCT / Anti-Fire Wood Varnish

SCT 0002

Anti-Fire Wood Varnish

SCT 0002

Antifire Wood Varnish is a fire-resistant, water-based, intumescent and transparent thin-film coating used for the protection of the wooden surfaces in the interior against fire. The Antifire Wood Varnish applied surfaces must be protected by LIQUID GLASS liquid glass application from water and humidity. Thanks to its transparent structure, when applied, it provides a surface with a highly fire-retardant performance without changing the color of the surface. If a different color is desired, a coloring agent may be applied to the surface before the application. It is environmentally friendly. It does not contain VOC and solvent, it is extremely simple to apply.

Liquid Glass

LIQUID GLASS is a two-component product which excellently adheres to surface like glass, mosaic, tile, porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, natural stone, wood, concrete, screed, galvanized sheet, aluminum etc..

Area of use :

Anti Fire Wood Varnish

Fire Resistant Wood Varnish  used in furniture manufacturing door, wood, windows and construction industry,industry, We want to contribute experience and knowlege from a sustainability perspective, which gives otur customers the chance to see new opportunities and risks linkek to your external monitoring in innovation. You can achieve a more sustainable development for your company and identify more binding requirement. That is why we offer a new generation of sustainable solutions.