PRODUCT / Anti-Fire Wood Varnish

SCT 0002

Anti-Fire Wood Varnish

SCT 0002

Fire-retardant coatings for wood with SCT wood varnish

Add more wooden centerpieces to your interior design while knowing you aren’t adding any risks. By applying this fire-resistant wood treatment to furniture, flooring, doors, or other surfaces, you can elevate a visual appeal and indoor fire safety protection.
The intumescent anti-fire wood varnish is a revolutionary fire-retardant solution that helps protect your property without decolorizing the surface. Instead, it can be used with color agents to match your interior design needs.

At SCT, we supply this two-component fireproof wood treatment product in 1.5-kg kits to be used out of the box. One kit is enough to cover up to 5 square meters with a consumption rate of up to 0,5 kg per m2 in 2 coats. It’s eco-friendly and doesn’t carry fume exposure risks.

Liquid Glass

LIQUID GLASS is a two-component product which excellently adheres to surface like glass, mosaic, tile, porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, natural stone, wood, concrete, screed, galvanized sheet, aluminum etc..

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