PRODUCT / Anti Fire Paint

SCT 0011

Anti Fire Paint

SCT 0011

FIRE RETARDANT TOP COAT PAINT, It is a topcoat paint which is fire retardant, non-flammable, forms a whole layer with drying on the surface on which it is applied. It is flame retardant in direct contact with fire. Resistant to fire. It is water-based and solvent-free. It is elastic, unaffected by movements. It can be easily applied to dry or slightly humid surfaces. It is water-impermeable but water vapor permeable. Thanks to this feature, it does not prevent the breathing of the surface. It doesn't keep dirt for long years via its special formula. It is suitable for use in wood, concrete, prefabricated and steel structures.
All kinds of plastered, painted and unpainted interior and exterior surfaces, concrete, wood and steel structures, in roofs, in fire steps, in all places where nonflammability is desired, in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, theaters, and theaters, plasterboard wall partitions and ceilings, thermal power plants and industrial buildings, factories, military facilities.


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