PRODUCT / Anti-Fire Molotov Spray

SCT 0003

Anti-Fire Molotov Spray

A high-grade product developed for extinguishing fires of classes A, B, and C (European Classes) on the purpose of faster, safer and more effectively than its beginning. The only thing the user needs to do is spraying our product to the fire from away 50 - 60 cm. ANTI MOLOTOV is a sprayable liquid extinguishing tool. The heat of fire evaporates the extinguishing agent and a chemical reaction starts. By releasing a large amount of carbon dioxide, it chokes the fire, cuts its contact with oxygen and thus extinguishes the fire. Shake the product before application.

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SCT 0007

Thermal Paint

THERMAL PAINT is an elastomeric resin-based, contains special vacuum microspheres, have vapor-permeability, water-based, a low thermal conductivity, high sunlight absorbency, and high surface heat transmission value. Its activity is scientifically proved special insulating paint which provides the thermal and water insulation in the interior and exterior facades. It provides energy savings to buildings of up to 40% depending on the application layers number in heating and cooling energy costs. When the THERMAL PAINT with special vacuum microspheres is used as interior wall paint, it reflects the radiant heat generated inside to the interior environment, and when it is used on the exterior, the incoming radiant heat is reflected back to the outside. When used on roofs, it reflects a minimum 80% of the sun's rays thanks to its ceramic-reinforced formula. While the water never passes from the film surface applied Isonem Thermal Paint, the moisture inside the building evaporates away from the structure.

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Fire extinguishing spray, used in picnic environment, office, car, boat, stores, kitchen, aircraft, all kind of indoor and outdoor environments. We want to contribute experience and knowlege from a sustainability perspective, which gives otur customers the chance to see new opportunities and risks linkek to your external monitoring in innovation. You can achieve a more sustainable development for your company and identify more binding requirement. That is why we offer a new generation of sustainable solutions.