PRODUCT / Anti-Molotof Fire Extinguishing

SCT 0004

Anti Molotof Fire Extinguishing

SCT 0004

THROWAWAY FIRE EXTINGUISHER, A high-grade product developed for extinguishing fires of classes A, B, and C (European Classes) on the purpose of faster, safer and more effectively than its beginning. The only thing the user needs to do is throwing our product into the fire. When I ANTI MOLOTOV, which is in a special plastic package, is thrown into the fire, the plastic container breaks and extinguishes the fire immediately. It is a liquid extinguishing agent and when thrown into the fire, it releases into the atmosphere. The heat of fire evaporates the extinguishing agent and a chemical reaction starts. By releasing a large amount of carbon dioxide, it chokes the fire, cuts its contact with oxygen and thus extinguishes the fire. In addition, the chemical reaction introduces a cooling agent. In addition, the chemical reaction introduces a cooling agent and this reduces the temperature of the burning material and thus other chemical foams step in and prevent the materials in the area from re-flaring.

Area of use :


Fire extinguishing molotof, used in picnic environment, office, car, boat, stores, kitchen, aircraft, all kind of indoor and outdoor environments, We want to contribute experience and knowlege from a sustainability perspective, which gives otur customers the chance to see new opportunities and risks linkek to your external monitoring in innovation. You can achieve a more sustainable development for your company and identify more binding requirement. That is why we offer a new generation of sustainable solutions.