PRODUCT / Anti-Fire Solution

SCT 0005

Anti-Fire Solution

SCT 0005

Anti-fire solution to prevent fire hazard in the textile and leather industries

On the lookout for an agent that can protect your stuff from fire hazards? Search no further than the SCT flame-resistant fluid. Whether you operate in the leather, paper, or textile industry, the revolutionary formula of this solution makes everything you apply it to incombustible.

What makes this anti-fire non-fire solution unique?

While typical flame retardants can only stave off fire spreading but not protect the material from burning, the SCT one-component fire-resistant fluid prevents treated objects from flaming up in the first place. Its formula creates an invisible coat on the applied surface and serves as a solid oxygen barrier and, as a result, fire. That means it ensures 100% non-flammability of the textile, leather, wood, or other surfaces in a fire.

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